Welcome to Colgan Retreats in Abruzzo, Italy

Colgan Retreats are individual programmes organised in the picturesque region of Central Italy, Abruzzo on the Adriatic seacoast.

Are you tired of the stress from city life? During the stay, you will not just resolve your pain but also relax and recharge your mind in a quiet place. Ass part of the programme you visit local beaches, National Park Gran Sasso, try local Abruzzo cuisine and see the life of this amazing region. We organise retreats for small groups of up to 3 people to ensure an individual approach to every guest.

Where we are

We run our retreats in a quiet Italian countryside run by a husband (British Osteopath) and wife (Dietitian student) both working in London during winter. Our villa located on the top of Holly hill 450m above the sea level. Villa has a long-standing history, built at the top of the hill were 400 years ago was a medieval monastery, with some features still remaining onsite.

Views from the garden are just breathtaking….

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We ran two separate programmes – Yoga-Stretch Retreat and “Healthy Back Retreat”

Our yoga programme is run by local yoga teacher Anna Lavrentieva and Olga Kalganov

“Healthy Back” retreat is run by Vadim Kalganov (B.Ost) – Registered Osteopath from the UK and his wife Olga Kalganov

Mediterranean Diet

During your stay you will eat amazing Italian food

You will visit local Pineto beach – in 2017 Pineto Beach was awarded Blue Flag for its sustainability

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we will take you on mountains trip to the National Park Gran Sasso

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